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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Studio

Took some pictures today while I was straightening up out here in the studio, then used Photoshop's "auto-align layers" function to create a composite (Note: you must highlight the two or more layers that you want to align by ctrl-clicking them, then choose Edit>Auto-align Layers; I chose "perspective.")

The gold chair came from Richard's parent's house, lovely, but a tad too formal for our house--isn't it odd that it fits so perfectly down here in the studio? The couch lived in one of the classrooms at school for several years before I bought it at the school yard sale for $10 and put a slipcover on it--turned out it had down cushions and is exceptionally comfy.

I love globes--the one on top of the bookcase was Richard's when he was a little boy; the other one was being thrown out in someone's trash.


Olivia said...

I really like your studio, Karen! It's very spacious and inspiring. xxoo, O

Leah said...

i *adore* your studio!! it's wonderful to see, so thank you for sharing. it's lovely to see all your beautiful art on the walls too!!

Maybelline Jones said...

OooooOooooO! I'm jealous! My creativity spot is in our dark and somewhat musty basement. What I wouldn't give for some shunshiny yellow walls!

Lynn said...

What a fun place to make art happen. And a comfy place to curl up with a good book too and a cup of tea. Not sure what all you did with photoshop did to these photos, but they are nice to see. It is fun to see your art on walls and shelves. Makes you all the more real.