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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Playing Today

I'm just out in the studio playing until it's time to take Joel down the hill to tonight's game. So far I've experimented with soldering a jump ring to some beach glass (only marginal success there; I think soldering skill only develops with regular practice) and with making the blocks pictured above. One of my friends gave me a similar block that she'd purchased as a gift for me for Christmas. The one she gave to me had a nifty little hole drilled in it so it could be used as a pencil holder. I made a set of similar blocks (only mine were not useful, just decorative) several years ago and thought I'd whip out a few more. This is something the kids could do, too. The ones I made today are very tactile, since I embossed the stamped images.

I'm thinking that playing with blocks is sort of like coloring, in that maybe we never really get enough of it when we're little. I remember when I was teaching rubber stamping classes when I was affiliated with Stampin' Up--one woman had a class at her home, and while we were all watercoloring, her husband walked through and said, "Looks like kindergarten to me" in a derisive sort of way. And I thought, "Well, what's wrong with that?" I still think there are lots worse things to do with your spare time than be creative...and what's wrong with kindergarten, anyway?

The kids are enjoying this third week of vacation. All three of them have spent a bulk of the last two days holed up in Jenny's room playing with Legos. All three of them, the almost 15-yr-old boy, the almost 13-yr-old girl, and the just-turned 8-yr-old. Playing with toys. Together. Cool, huh? I'm very blessed.

They've been making these huge constructions, and then when all three are done and they've all oohed and aahed at each other's creations, then they have what they call "a war," which means they destroy everything (loudly, and with much gusto) so that they can start all over again.

We watched "Hairspray" last night. Very cool dancing. I wouldn't mind learning some of those moves myself (as if!). Couldn't quite get used to John Travolta dressed up as a large, overweight woman.

Time to go make lunch for the chill'uns. Made some yummy homemade chicken soup last night for dinner, so we'll probably polish the rest of that off, along with some sandwiches. The girls and I will probably go get a quick bite to eat before Joel's game, since we have to take him down early.


Kikipotamus said...

I wonder if Mr. Derisive was actually envious on some level. The world needs more colouring!

globug said...

What kind of blocks are you using? Curious.

Lynn said...

I love that you are "playing" in your studio. I think all creating is play. And play is wonderful. I also love that your kids are into Lego play instead of video game, kill and maime each other play (maybe they do that too) but this other is so refreshing.
I too wonder what your boxes are made from, wood? paper?
Are they covered kids blocks?
Let the Playing Begin!