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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A New Painting

Everyone's back in school, so now I'm coughing and sniffling. Sigh.

Out in the studio, framed one piece and am planning on finishing this one. Sold two paintings yesterday--woman said "I'll write you a check right now," but hadn't scanned one of them (blue background, orange hair, "She hears the Earth murmur,") so need to finish that today. That sale, plus my birthday and Christmas money from my dad, would give me almost enough to purchase the Epson 2400 printer I want. Then I could make my own large format prints...

Speaking of which, I need some ideas/guidelines on pricing prints. I can mat them and put in cello bags, but have no idea for pricing guidelines--like maybe $13 small print, $18.00 medium print, and $25.00 large print? Is that too much, not enough ??? Help!


Mercer's Daughter said...

It seems like the going cost is around $15 - $20 for prints on Etsy. As a framer, I've noticed people feel more comfortable buying the prints. I think your work is a good candidate for selling prints.
Just my thoughts.
This painting is SO nice, I love it.

Anonymous said...

ugh. I hope you feel better soon... daughter is sick now..I am holding on by a thread.

Kelly J said...

Can't help you on the pricing ... just don't undersell!!!

No wonder someone snapped up "She hears the Earth murmur." It's a beautiful piece : )

I LOVE today's new painting. The coolest. Lately you've been doing that transparency look on parts of the painting. That is so great!

Elizabeth said...

Will email regarding pricing.

Love and hugs, E