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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My First Best Friend

Andy, meet all the nice folks. Folks, meet Andy the Monkey, my very first, best friend. Andy witnessed my first artistic endeavors and kept me company during all the dreaded naptimes that I DID NOT WANT. I really do remember my mom saying "You don't have to sleep. Just lie there quietly," and then sitting on the bed with Andy. I don't know what we talked about, but I know we were quiet, at least for a little while, until Andy said, "Okay, it's been long enough. Holler to her and ask if we can get up now."

Andy's been sitting on the mantel in our bedroom, but today I decided to bring him down to the studio to live. I think that this is one of the things that I love best about my studio: that it is completely my space to fill with all my very favorite things. Anything that makes me feel good can come down here and immediately 'fit.' I realize now, after a year and a half in my very own studio, instead of 'art in the garage,' that my house should be the same way, filled with only things that bring me joy or are functional, or both. (The problem with doing this in my house is that there are four other people who also live there, and unfortunately they need joy and functionality in their lives. Sigh.)

There's a famous quote out there that says something to that effect, though I can't remember who said it. But the idea is, fill your home (and I think we could also substitute the word LIFE, here) with only that which is functional or brings you joy.


Maddy said...

Certainly a great sentiment to live by.
Best wishes

Maybelline Jones said...

I love your monkey! My first best friend was a brown Pound Puppy that I unimaginatively named Cocoa. I slept with him every night until I moved out of my parents' house. He's in the attic now, but maybe I'll get him out and stick him in my workspace.

Lynn said...

What an adorable monkey. I love the naptime story too. Sweet that you still have him and in such good condition too.

I bought my littlest grand daughter a little multicolored monkey and it's been her fav buddie for ever now. (2 years? LOL)
I hope her mom keeps him for her too. I saved my sons teddy bear and gave it to him when his son was born! ;-)

Fill my life with things functional and that I love or bring me joy? I do hope I do this.