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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Cupboard for Scrapbook Paper

I've had this cupboard sitting in the garage for maybe 4 years now, ever since I bought it for $5 at a garage sale. I used the cupboard while my studio was in the garage, but didn't want to move it into my new studio until I painted it. Finally, yesterday, I thought "That's what I'll do today, I'll fix up that cupboard!"

I didn't strip it, just sanded down over the old paint to get the loose stuff off, then rolled on black semi-gloss paint. I'm impatient, so I moved it into the studio before it was completely dry, but I figured it would dry more quickly in the warm studio, anyway.


Kikipotamus said...

Hey, that's beautiful. How is the foot/ankle? Must be somewhat better if you are painting furniture, eh? I hope so.

Maddy said...

Hmmm. Nothing like as good as the one I made myself for the stupid square paper we have in America rather than A4! I took a cardboard box and cut out a trapezium in the front, duct taped it to dead and then left it in a neglected corner for the last 7 years. Glad you're catching up.

Lynn said...

Looks like a great storage area. Do love the deal you got on it and now it's nice as new. Good for you!

KarinSN said...

Wow! Beautiful!