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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Basketball, basketball, basketball...

Joel's JV team had a game last night. An extremely talented team beat them by twenty. Joel's team did some good things; the other team was simply better.

Katie's NJB team had a game this morning. They won in a nail biter.

Whoops! Interrupted in the middle of blogging--had to take Joel to his best friend's house. Best part of that is that I get to sit down and have a cup of tea with friend's mom.

Down in the studio this evening. Richard took Katie down to town to go to Mervyn's big sale--Katie's Christmas money is burning a hole in her pocket. Joel's at his friend's house, and Jenny's out here with me. We've got the heater on low, and cozy lamps on. Jenny's reading aloud to me--Junie B. Jones, one of my very favorites. Jenny reads aloud with such wonderful expression, and I love listening to her. Actually, I love listening to anyone read out loud. My dad used to read to my sister and I every night during the fall and winter. We'd all lie on the floor in front of the fireplace while he read. Some of my very favorite books are the ones that he read to us...

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Kikipotamus said...

Oh, I'm with you! I love being read to and I love reading aloud. I like taking turns with the other person.