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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


What is she saying? Is she inviting us all to dance? To be joyful? To breathe, to be in this moment right now?

It would appear, no matter what she is saying, that she, at least, does not have a bum ankle...


Anonymous said...

Oh, my!!! Make a joyful noise, indeed. I love the two from today, your backgrounds are wonderfully layered and painted and, as usual, your women show tons of character.

I like that she's so obviously happy ... most of your ladies seem so quiet and contemplative.

Must be your ankle is feeling somewhat better, as well as your spirits?

Olivia said...

I, too, hope your ankle is better. It hasn't affected your creativity! Yay!

Peace, O

Lynn said...

And she has arms, but no hands nor feet. I love the painting behind and around her...and her hair do...big eyes, the colors...great joy here calling us in.
Ankle heal, ankle healing now, ankle getting better and better and wish for you.

Janet said...

I think she wants everyone to admire her fantastic hair!