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Monday, December 10, 2007

Illustration Friday Little Things

Susannah's mother made it for her: the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. She loved it fiercely, until a neighbor girl called it 'homemade.' It never looked the same after that, a little thing that broke her heart.


Rui Sousa said...

great work.very nice!

Olivia said...

I love the words that go with your pictures, Karen! Welcome back...blessings and robust health, O

Lynn said...

lovely collage...stamps, crayons, newsprint, wall paper? Did I miss anything? I am learning here, looking carefully (you are one of my teachers you know)...loved what you said on my site today...I too relish the friendships I am making here too...and the inspiration I get and the ideas, knowledge, how tos, etc. etc. etc. But especially the encouragement to go on and do more and more and more.

I hope this finds your leg functioning well and your goats in a pen!

Mercer's Daughter said...

Glad to see you are feeling better. I love this piece, it reminded me of when kids used to make fun of the clothes my mom made me. She put so much love into them, and my peers ruined it for me.
Gosh, I wish I would have been more wise in 3rd grade, I would have convinced them that they were the unlucky ones!