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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ho Ho Ho?

Stomach flu all day Christmas and well into that night really stinks. Really. And according to Joel, it really ruined Christmas dinner that I was upstairs barfing instead of sitting and eating with them.

No, really? You're preachin' to the choir here, boy.

I'm better now. Tonight Joel's watching his best friend's basketball game with friend's family, and Richard, Katie and Jenny are all at Katie's NJB basketball practice (Richard is her coach). I'm alone. That's a big deal because everyone here is on vacation for three weeks, so I've already had a solid week of togetherness, with two more ahead of me, all of which means not much studio time. So I'm celebrating with a cup of chai tea.

Normally when the temperature drops into the twenties here, the studio is cold, even though it's insulated, but the new space heater that I've had out here (on low during the cold nights) has really made a difference; it's cozy, so I've taken off the sweatpants and sweatshirt and am down to long underwear--lovely. Yes, that's me. It used to be 'art in the garage' and now it's 'long underwear in the studio.' Catchy, isn't it?

I'm hiring the girls to clean the studio for me once a month. Hopefully they can do it tomorrow, because in the last month, with my limited mobility, the studio has turned into a very messy place indeed. (The house, on the other hand, is absolutely SPARKLING because Richard's been doing most of the housework. He's a gem. Much better housekeeper than I.)

I was able to open presents with everyone Christmas morning before I got sick--Jenny loves her PINK kid's video camera, Katie thinks her fashion illustration book is way cool (though the Zune trumped it easily) and Joel loves loves loves loves his Ipod. He really LOVES that Ipod. I got 1 G of additional RAM for my studio computer and some very cool art books from Richard, a gorgeous taupe chenille throw that Joel picked out, and a George Foreman grill that will make WAFFLES! Which I have never made before, ever. As usual, Mr. Santa Claus Smithey bought the rest of the family way too many wonderful presents. Also as usual, Mrs. Santa Claus Smithey (aka the Grinch) made out like a bandit.

My dad sent us a very generous check, so we all get to do some after Christmas shopping. I'm saving for a new large format Epson printer and am over half-way there; Jenny is saving for a Clydesdale (horse) and isn't close even though she's saved all her birthday and Christmas money from the last three years and has over $700 saved.I don't have the heart to tell her that she's not even in the neighborhood. Shhh.


ANDREA said...

Hello Karen,
I hope your are well now! I had this "christmas condition" three years ago,(barfing upstairs while family eat the crusty-crunchy goose my mother spent preparing all week:) not funny!

I hope your daughter will be able to save enough soon for the horse!

Lynn said...

I am so sorry you were sick for christmas, but glad you were well for gift openings and it does sound like everyone made out like bandits. Good for you! Delightful to read about. Enjoy those waffles...reminds me of mom's old toastmaster waffle maker from my childhood...waffles every weekend then...or pancakes with dad at the stove...ah memories. this time of year brings them to the surface and you and your family are creating yours. Remember the christmas when mom was barfing while we ate dinner?

And so it goes.
Thanks for sharing this and all your art all year long. So glad to have found you Karen.

Continued success I wish upon you for the coming NEW year.