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Friday, September 07, 2007

In My Dreams, I Fly

This started out as a landscape...I am so relishing this feeling of LETTING GO. I don't know what's going to happen--what an adventure!

Listening to Peter and the Wolf with Jenny out in the studio. Joel's at his first high school football game! And after the game, he's going to A DANCE. I swear, I was just going to football games and dances. How could this happen?


zorana said...

I like your new canvas! I am scared when I fly in my dreams... always afraid that I'll fall.
Can you please send me your email... I wrote you a message and then realized that I don't have it. xo

mcewen said...

Looks like you're being swept away [in more ways that one!]
And yes [no email] we're still 'gagging' on the smoke. It's made for some fabulous sunsets and sunrises though - pity I'm awake for both!
Have a great weekend [supposed to be hot again so maybe we'll throw in the towel and have a barbeque, or rather cremate something.]

Housewife said...

I want this.

I could look at her every day.