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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Committed to Creativity

Yesterday I decided that I needed to make some other types of commitment to creativity. So I have promised myself that I:

--work with glue/paint/canvas/pencil/ink every day, not getting so caught up in the digital photomontages that I forget to get my hands dirty.
--take photos every day--whatever tickles my fancy or strikes me just so. Camera with me at all times.


Olivia said...

Yes, Karen, I think that part of this process is figuring out just what types of creativity we need! It will vary with each of us, and at different times too. It is so worth it, though, for me, even thought it's a lot of effort. I couldn't get the benefits I'm getting without the effort :)

Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

I also made a commitment not too long ago to resume carrying camera wherever I go. Great decision.

Elizabeth said...

What a kick start this creativity month is being for you... well done!
In answer to your question, yes it has given me a kick start; not a dramatic one but definately a 'kick up the b##'! :-) It should improve even more when J goes back to school next week. (But I will miss him, dreadfully too).
The camera idea is fab - I've been carrying my mobile phone (camera incl.) with me but have also decided to carry proper camera too, for better pictures.