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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh My It's HOT

And if I could add little animated flames, I would!

Richard checked the temperature this afternoon and it was over 110 degrees. I won't even tell you what the thermometer actually read, because it's too ridiculous.

Of course, the old air conditioner in the studio stopped working two days ago. And of course, every new one we looked at needed a larger opening than the old one. We got an inexpensive new one, and the Two Stooges installed it this afternoon. We had to cut the drywall, cut the stud, and cut the siding. And of course, we did not have the right tools, BECAUSE WE ARE THE TWO STOOGES. But it's done, and the studio is gradually cooling down, and my computer didn't fry...

Katie leaves early tomorrow morning for the annual trip to the beach with her friend's family, so she'll miss the heat here. She's packing jeans and jackets along with shorts. Joel, on the other hand, has baseball practice tonight for the All-Star team, and a tournament this weekend in the blistering heat--it's supposed to get hotter during the next three days. He got sick after catching most of a doubleheader on Monday night, so we're trying to make sure he's well-hydrated.

I'm working on some new digital pieces as well as continuing to try and paint faces. I've also been experimenting with using my scanner as a camera, scanning 3-D objects and taking advantage of the incredible light and focus for about an inch or so.

I'll post some of the experiments tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

Can I swop some of your heat for some of our rain...? 3 weeks and the sun finally came out today: hurray!
Look forward to seeing your experiments.

stev4n said...

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