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Sunday, July 15, 2007


I don't feel as though I've been getting much accomplished, tho I'm sure if I made a list, I'd find I've done a lot. I fixed the fountain under the kitchen sink, today, since the plumber we called on Friday hadn't yet called back. I was tired of not being able to use the sink...

And I designed a blog for Jessica, which you can see HERE if you'd like.

This afternoon I cleaned the studio some--Katie helped and probably did more work than I did. I found a stack of old photos, all doubles, and decided to play a little bit. These were altered using some of Karen Michel's techniques. I rinsed the photo (to soften the emulsion), then used sandpaper to scratch some of the emulsion off. Rinse, dry, and then work in some oil pastels--I use the cheap Crayola Portfolio ones. Sometimes I stamp on these, or glue something down on top of them. But aren't they purty just the way they are? I love the colors, and it's especially nice since these were doubles of poorly exposed pictures of Yosemite--just sitting in a drawer waiting for something to happen to them.

I have an earache, can you imagine? So it's off to the house for me--hopefully an early bedtime...


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. And THANK YOU so much for your sweet comments on my garlands. I enjoy creating these treasure so very much.

I just LOVE your art so beautiful and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Love these two ... they remind me of something I'd find in great aunt Tilly's attic or the antique store. The distressing is very cool!

I just saw something like this on a photographer's website, only he did it where the distressed areas were darker, like a really old photo - with fixed focus in the distance, blurry and distressed up front. Also a good way to use images that weren't "perfectly exposed."


Elizabeth said...

Neat! I have never heard of these techniques before ... great idea. Thanks for sharing :-)