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Friday, June 29, 2007

Crib Quilts

It's hot, so I'm doing some quilting again (what's THAT all about?). I got one order for a custom crib quilt (!), so I'll be starting on that--also did one very traditional pink/blue block quilt and this bright one, yesterday. Let the quilting begin! If anyone's interested in one, I can do custom fabrics/colors, including embroidery if desired. Quilt can be hand- or machine-quilted, prices start at $75...


Lynn said...

Your quilt top is wonderful. I love the shapes that are not perfect squares! And the colors sing to me.

I finished my first ever beginners first quilted wall hanging today! (All but hand stitching the binding to the back which I'll do on a car ride. I love it. I invented a new stitch. I call it "in and out of the ditch" because I could NOT do the "in the ditch" consistantly. There must be a trick to that I don't know (yet)?

Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

That is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so glad to know someone who takes custom quilt orders! I am keeping that in mind. :)