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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Heavy Sigh...

I can waste time in more ways than you can imagine.

The only good thing is that I think writing and art (and probably motherhood, too) need fallow time to regenerate.

I spent over FIVE HOURS working on the pool on Monday. Seriously, over five hours. (Lest you be misled, here, let me say that it's a Doughboy under a deck. Nothing fancy--but it's big, and it was seriously in need of intensive cleaning). So, the kids come home from school yesterday, get in their swimsuits, go outside to the pool, and then come back in to get me. BECAUSE THERE'S A GIGANTIC TEAR IN THE POOL LINER. IN THE POOL THAT I JUST SPENT A WHOLE DAY CLEANING.

So I'm thinking that this is why I haven't been terribly productive today. I used up all my productivity on Monday's totally useless project.

In my defense, I did do some work today. I vacuumed, and cleaned the kitchen, and cooked dinner. And did two loads of laundry out of the neverending stack of dirty clothes. (I could never in a million years have imagined how much laundry three kids and two parents could generate. It's unbelievable--like a science fiction story, where the laundry keeps replicating itself as it prepares to take over the world or something).

Oh, and I mailed two paintings that I sold last week, and mailed a DVD of the musical Katie was in this spring ("A Little Princess") to my dad. Now that I've made a list of accomplishments, I'm feeling a little bit better, although terribly boring. If you're still reading, my sincerest apologies. I'll try to be more exciting tomorrow--when I get to go to the movies with the first graders, to see Shrek--oh, yes, much more exciting. Ahem.

I'll include a picture of Katie from the musical. I'm biased, but I'll tell you, she just glowed up there on the stage (she played one of the students, no lines, no solos. Maybe next year, she says.)

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Housewife said...

Ooh, she's beautiful.

She looks a lot like Mrs. D's eldest (who also takes my breath away).

What does one do for 5 hours on a pool? And what the heck do you have kids for if teenagers can't get the job done???