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Monday, April 30, 2007

A Piece of Artwork for my own Prickly Shell...

Well, Boy is gone for the week. He left at 6:45 with Dad, who was going to drop him off at the school. He talked on the phone last night for at least an hour and a half with The Girl Who Is Not a Girlfriend, Mom, We're Just Really Good Friends and That's All (hereafter referred to as TGWINAGMWJRGFATA--well, maybe not). She was number thirteen on the grades list, apparently, and isn't getting to go on the trip.

When I taught art in his class last week, the kids were going to do a first text/texture layer on their canvasses, so we took five of my pieces to show them the concept of creating texture with background text and with tissue paper. Boy went to his room and brought out this piece I did for him when he moved into the guest room. The big text at the top means approximately "Forever 13" and hidden at the bottom are the words "future" and "one hundred years to live" (as in the song).

I don't need to explain the prickly shell, right?

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tammy vitale said...

I have a shell that looks like this that my mom had. It isn't really prickly at all. It just *looks* prickly. =]