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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Finally, Some Work

It's been a kinda tough week around here. I ran out of my Zoloft prescription last week on Thursday, and what with one thing and another didn't make the long drive to town until Saturday morning, only to find the pharmacy closed, even though the sign and the automatic refill answering machine said they'd be open. So I assumed they'd be closed on Sunday, too, and didn't get my medication until Monday morning. By that time I was not functioning all that well. I boo-hooed at least three times Monday morning alone.

But I'm feeling better now and actually got out in the studio to play. The little portrait is an experiment and not finished, and the postcard is just one in a long line of, well, postcards.

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tammy vitale said...

Saw katie the queen's "thank you" on her website - but it requires google to leave a comment and google hates me. I can never make it work. So tell her I saw it and am happy she's happy.
I'm not pulling up the latest goat video - can you see it?
Hope you're feeling better now!