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Friday, April 27, 2007

Boo Hoo

To add to the already difficult week, hubby's truck croaked, at least temporarily, on Wednesday, so my trip next week is off.

What trip next week, you say? Well, let me tell you.

At our school we have many wonderful teachers, including an amazing 6th/7th/8th grade science teacher. Every spring, a two-year-long competition culminates in a trip to a research station in the desert. The students who have the top twelve science grades for 7th and 8th grade, cumulative, get to go on this week-long trip, full of hiking and learning and fun. And, of course, some lucky parents get to drive and chaperone on this trip. I've wanted to go for years; Joel is my first eighth grader, and he is getting to go! And, hooray, teacher needed someone to drive a car full of kids and stay for the first two days, as the mom who had promised to go can't be there till Tuesday night.

But, alas, we are (temporarily) a one-car family, and as hubby has a job interview with one school district on Monday afternoon and meets with the school board of another district Monday night, I am grounded. I'm okay with it, though a little bit disappointed. Nothing like sweating in the desert with a bunch of hormonal teenagers to make my week (I'm serious there. I love kids and learning and outdoors, and this would have combined it all). The upside to this is that it solves the problem of how to juggle the girls, and hopefully I'll get to go with one of them when it's their turn.

Joel, of course, is thrilled. He didn't want me to go in the first place. I'm embarassing. (That is my job at this point in his life. I know that. But it's hard not to be his very favorite person anymore. Of course, he's still one of MY favorite people, and I guess that's all that matters.)

So next week I will be a VERY VERY VERY stay-at-home mother of two instead of three. Hopefully I can do some heavy duty housework (ha! not likely) and make some cool art. I sold a painting today, so that's always exciting. I also made some very cool pillow shams for Katie's Euro pillows in her bedroom. I'm on a roll.

I've been checking out all the link lists on my favorite blogs and have realized I need to update my own linklists. So much good writing out there, so many nice and interesting people!


tammy vitale said...

Oh. rotten luck. could just mean something very cool is coming your way and you have to be home for it to happen. =]

Rosie said...

So sorry you aren't getting to go on your trip with the son. But I'm glad your injured little goatie is doing so well.