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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Some Blogging Etiquette Questions

I have some questions--please answer!

1. If someone posts questions, do I answer in the comments, or in a new post, or do I email them an answer?

2. If I want to put a link to someone's blog, should I ask them first?

3. If I visit someone's blog regularly, should I leave comments? (I already know the answer to this one, because I LOVE comments so much--) but, this leads to the next question:

4. If I visit someone's blog regularly and want to leave a comment instead of only lurking, does my comment have to pertain to a specific post, or is it alright to just say "I love reading your blog!"?

5. If I want to send something to someone who comments regularly, is it too weird to say "I want to send you something, would you mind giving me your address?" I did this with Tammy, and she didn't seem to think I was stalking her... but I don't want to creep people out.

6. Is is better to do one long post per day on many topics, or are several different posts during the day okay?


Karoda said...

Wellllll, I'm a regular reader of your blog and I love reading it! :)

To answer your questions this is what I do...if a person asks a question or sparks further thought from me, I usually answer in comments.

I no longer answer every commenter via email but sometimes I still do (no rhyme or reason that I can articulate)

I don't ask for permission to link and prolly will not in the future because I can't think of a reason to. Blogs combine the personal with the world wide web.

I think the answer to 3 and 4 should depend on reason you couldn't do both.

I've only asked for mailing addies of those who I have a vibe with but I'm interested in knowing how others anwser this also.

Number 6...ummmm, I think that should depend on the writer's style...Its always a balancing act for me to write my entries for me and knowing that there are readers also. But personally, I prefer READING short-medium length entries and WRITING medium-long entries about multiple topics.

Now, my disclaimer is I'm such a go with the flow kinda woman and it really all depends on how I feel when I sit down in front of my computer :)

Leah said...

lol! i love your questions! and although, i'm probably not the right person to answer questions on etiquette, i'm going to tackle them anyways.

1. It's really up to you. I used to always respond in comments, but then I realized some people never saw the answers because they didn't come back to check them (and I mean, I don't know about you, but it's hard to keep up with everyone's blog as it is without having to check back on comments I left before.) So, now I mainly email. Sometimes, I'll respond in the comments also if it answers a question that I think might be helpful/interesting to those reading the comments in the future.

2. Um, I don't ask first. But I guess it depends on the person/link.

3. Yeah, I think so!

4. Nah, I don't think a comment has to be in response to the post. If you wanted to say, "I love your blog!" then I'd just go ahead and do that in the most recent post. I'm sure anyone would love that kind of comment!

5. No, I don't think it's weird at all.

6. This one, I don't know. I don't think one is necessarily better than the other, just different. My feeling is you should do what feels best to you!

Ok, I hope that was a little helpful! :-)

Kelly said...

1. I answer via email and if I think my readers would like to see the answer, then I copy my answer into a comment, as well. I TRY to remember to revisit the comments of posts where I've left a question, but often I forget. So much to keep up with since I strive to visit everyone on my blogroll a few times per week.

2. No, if it's a public blog, that's part of the package. They should expect it could happen. Most bloggers consider it a compliment and also appreciate the traffic.

3. There is no law against lurking. I know I have a mix of silent readers and commenting readers. That is fine with me, but of course I LOVE it when a silent reader delurks himself/herself and lets me know s/he's out there.

4. I don't think a comment has to pertain to that post at all.

5. Good question! I love it when cyber friends turn into real world friends. Often a gift exchange is the first step. How wonderful and spontaneous! I would never be creeped out by this if it is someone I've known for a while as a reader and fellow blogger. I'd be thrilled. But let me know what others say because I also have wanted to take this step but was afraid the other person would think I was creepy.

6. Let me know what the majority answered on this. I have wondered. I like my reading divided into chunks, as screen reading is harder on the eyes than paper pages. But I am guilty of the long, run-on post.

Paula said...

~waving hello from South America~

1. Most of my readers are friends so I answer in the comments section and then again at the message boards where we hang out or at their blogs.

2. Most bloggers are´pleased to get a link to their´places. Sometimes I tell them too.

3. I read via blogfeeds and comment when I have something to say.

4. Say what I have to say about a post and then say Hi. :)

5. You may ask and it will be up to them if they give the address or not.

6. That depends on your writing style, your line of thought and the mood. I usually go by themes.

Elizabeth said...

Hiya... firstly, I love your blog!

And the goats are gorgeous in video too.

To answer your questions, here's my tuppence worth:

1) I have been answering in the comments box if it is of general interest, but am now considering going over to email replies .. or maybe a mixture of both.

2) I don't, part and parcel of blogging - it's a compliment!

3) Of course, if you aren't shy

4)I love your blog is fine

5) It would bother me if someone asked for my address, so long as we had contact and a 'connection' first... If someone you are not sure of asks, one can always say no I guess.

6) Dilemma!!!! Probably prefer many short blogs to one long one, but if the topic is interesting it probably doesn't matter! :-)

TravelingMermaid said...

My opinion:

1.When I ask I hope to get an answer in the comments. When someone asks in mine I answer in the same comments.

2. I don't think it's necessary as IMO it's an honor for someone to link to me. (As long as it's not a skin blog!)

3. If you want to.

4. It's great anytime to tell a blogger you like their blog!

5. Not weird. I do it all the time. Well, I dunno - maybe I'm weird?

6. Whatever you feel like. I do both. Just depends on my mood.

tammy vitale said...

I agree with Leah's answers - which by way of being lazy is the actual truth.

and the length thing (for my special 2 cents) - I don't pay any attention. I go with the energy. I figure if it's too long readers just won't go all the way thru.

sue said...

First, I really DO love your blog!
1-I usually email, although I have seen some answer in posts, but I know I'd forget to go back to look for an answer
2-Not necessary from what I've seen. I asked when I first started, but not much anymore.
3-comments are always good, but we all can't leave comments on every post or we'd never get off the computer. But I do love comments also.
4-Nobody would complain about that kind of comment left anywhere!
5-Not wierd at all in this internet world.
6-Good question, I've been playing around with that one myself. Right now I'm trying posts by subject vs a long post covering many. Not sure yet how this will work out.