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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some ATCs

When I had to make loads of ATCs to trade when I went to Art and Soul last year in Monterey, I started making backgrounds in bulk using big sheets of watercolor paper and then cutting that into the size I needed. Now that I'm working digitally more, I'm also scanning these big sheets to incorporate into my digital pieces.

It comes in handy to have the backgrounds already made!


Caroline said...

Love your colours - I've never got on well with ATCs - I gave them one go but felt too cramped... maybe if I did them digitally I'd be happier...

tammy vitale said...

Love the colors in these. I'm always drawn to blue and yellow - the color of my room when growing up. These have such a mood to them!

GeL(Emerald Eyes) said...

Hi Karen,
I popped on by via a link from Tammy's blog regarding Photoshop.
Love your blog title and the cheerful read background.
(I enjoy using Photoshop; it's ironic that my old header was a photoshopped version of one of my drawings and photographs combined since the new header is of a different media completely.)
I see you like butterflies, too. One of my favorite images, but I don't have any up yet on this blog. (I transferred blogs recently and am not done...)

These ATCs are appealing. Blue-green is one of my favorite colors. It's great to meet another artist (and Sun. Scribbler.)