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Monday, March 19, 2007

Right Now

I'm in the studio and it's just turning dark. I can hear Jenny and her dad talking out in the barn while she bottle feeds the goat. Tonight I let her walk down to the neighbor's house to get more goat milk, but dad insisted on watching her from the end of the driveway (which is fine, even though, as I heard her point out to him, "It's only one house away, Dad!") She is much more clingy than either of the other two ever were, and while I know it's just a personality thing, I sure want her to feel as though she's competent and that she doesn't have to be clingy...

Turns out that Richard doesn't have this week off like the kids do--his school is off next week. Boo. It'll be fun to be ALONE with him for a week, but I know he's disappointed not to be hanging out with the whole family.

Not that you all need to know this, but WOW! After five years with no dishwasher, I sure am enjoying having one! It makes cleaning up the kitchen so easy. After repainting the cupboards last fall, I was motivated to keep it spotless, but now it's actually easy, too.


Elizabeth said...

Cool. I'm right there with you on the excitement of a dishwaher!!! We got a dishwaher a few years ago, and I can honestly say that it probably stopped me divorcing my husband who has an anversion to washing dishes. Fab aren't they!
Have you got to the bit where you need to decide whether to double the amount of crockery you own yet: 1 for the wash, 1 in use?
Enjoy, E

Housewife said...

3 kids no dishwasher?

What are you some kind of pioneer woman?

I'm glad you're back in action.

Creek Woman said...

hi Karen :)
i'm enjoying your wonderful art and love your cute little kid (baby goat :)!!! keep up the great work!

Bette (from "Finding Water" blog circle)