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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kikipotamus wrote:

"You have GOATS? GOATS??? I am so envious. What else do you have? Are goats really mean? I mean are the mischievous? Can they be affectionate? I have so many questions. This mama sure is beautiful."

Yes, GOATS--five of them, now. We also have, in no particular order, two big dogs, two little dogs, five cats, one lonely chicken, and six fish. And three children.

No, goats are NOT really mean--they're very affectionate if they've been raised around people (ours have been). As for mischievous--no, I don't think so, particularly, although they do play with each other and run around. The momma pictured in the earlier post also likes to play with the big puppy, although the goat thinks the puppy's a goat, and the puppy thinks the goat is a dog. They have completely different styles of play, and it's pretty funny to watch.

We have had trouble keeping them in the pasture--most mornings when I come outside they're standing on the front porch nibbling on my rosebushes (is that mischievous, or just hungry?)

I made friends with a goat at my cousin's house when I was little--they seem to me to be very friendly and fun to have around. I've always wanted to have some, but last year we just sort of 'fell into' having these...

Here are the babies--not a very good video, and they're not very perky, as they're both little boys and they got banded today--to stop them from turning into BIG BOYS.

P.S. the horrible sniffing sound you hear is not me :) it's the momma goat sniffing and then bumping the camera--you can see her shadow and tail on the left...


Marcio said...

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ShoezyCakes said...

How totally neat to have goats!! The babies are so adorable!! I do my art in my garage too :D

Housewife said...

Ooh that so wonderful.

I don't think I'm allowed goats in Los Angeles.

Can we visit your little farm?

Caroline said...

Oh goats now that sounds like a little light relief after all the finding water!

Kelly said...

Thank you for answering my questions! I have always been drawn to goats and wanted to keep some, but wasn't sure if that was a crazy idea. It all depended on whether what I'd heard about them was true or not. I think the friend who told me they were mean had not spent any good time around hers when it was small. So her goat was mean to her. Your house sounds like heaven! K

Susan Reynolds said...

No fair! I want goats.

. . . and a mule maybe.

I'm thinking that's not going to happen here in suburbia. But we can dream can't we?