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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Am So Excited

Last night, I called the lady down the road who gives piano lessons, and I have my first lesson on Thursday morning!

I have wanted to take piano since I was in college (a long long time ago) and now I'm finally doing it!

I know this is a direct result of doing the Finding Water program!


Janet said...

That's fantastic! I wanted to play piano when I was a kid (lots more years ago!!) but never did. Now I'm not sure my fingers would do all those things!

Leah said...

yay! that *is* so exciting! i'm excited for you and smiling as i type! congrats!

tammy vitale said...

See - that's what I mean about photoshop. I'm still talking about it and here you are taking piano lessons!

I took 8 years when I was young and could read music like a bandit (because I didn't practice so I had to learn to read well). I gave it up because I couldn't play like my Mom who could play classical to a really mean boogie woogie without reading a note (by ear). She always wanted to read. I say what's the point when you can just sit down and play?
But I love listening to piano music - after a lot of years I realized that piano in rock and roll really catches my ear.

Olivia said...

Good for you, Karen. It's never too late to have your dreams come true! Enjoy learning to play and all the good "side effects" learning to play brings into your life, too :)

Laura said...

Hello! I am a fellow Finding Water blogger--

Congratulations on becoming a "beginner" in something! Also, I love that your daughter does Morning Pages with you. What a wonderful idea---

Endment said...

Your first piano lesson tomorrow... That is exciting! Cheers for you!

melba said...

That is so Excellent. very Inspiring!

Elizabeth said...

WOW - well done to you! That is a fantastic thing to do! Huge Well done to you... Enjoy!

Love, E