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Monday, January 22, 2007

Boulevard of Dreams

These are called "Boulevard of Dreams". I think these trees are an extension of the flower-trees I've been seeing in my dreams. I'm getting the hang of working out here in the studio, trying to get a few canvases prepped as I see I'm reaching the final stages of other collages. I've been experimenting so much--very fun. I'm obviously over the angst of a couple of weeks ago. I'm just following the Muse--she'll lead me in the right direction.
These below are "In the Shade of My Dreams." I guess these are I and II...


Housewife said...

Will I see those on etsy?

I've been watching you and I'd really love to have the bottom two if they are available.

Let me know, you have my email from before.

Housewife said...


If anyone is as enthralled with Karen's work as I am then you'll have to come visit these guys at my house. My daughter has "dibs" on them and because she's a very creative child I'm happy to oblige.

emila said...

Great work Karen! Really admire your paintings!