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Monday, January 22, 2007

Artwork and Questions

I sketched again last night while the littlest was going to sleep. I'm finding that the more I'm practicing, the less I'm thinking about what it is I'm drawing ("I'm drawing a tree") and more about the actual shapes/textures/shading. It's not as hard to concentrate on the negative space...

I've also been experimenting with drawing/painting faces. This one is actually a painted face/body, but the features are a gel medium transfer that I then touched up with colored pencils. I intended to draw a design on her dress, but somehow the somber dress fits with her. I'm drawn to female images--there's a power there that I want to communicate.

I've got a couple of ideas for places to approach with my artwork. I know that this is the next step, but it's a difficult one for me. I'd love to hear ideas/comments from anyone who's been through this. My motto is "leap and the net appears" but I'm a little bit scared.


Leah said...

hmm, the only thing i can say in terms of moving into something new and scary, is to give yourself permission to play, not to have to figure it out in one step. make it fun and like an exploration. the jump is the scariest part, the rest is a breeze. :-)

i love your trees and this piece too. gorgeous work lately!

tammy vitale said...

Re approaching with artwork. Call or email and ask how they like to be approached. And then follow up, regularly, until they give you an answer one way or the other. And if the answer is "no thanks" then be grateful that they know their demographic and you aren't wasting time and work in a place where it will languish. And remember it is not personal and has nothing to do with your art.

I love the trees, which do look like flowers to me and remind me of a needlepoint I designed and worked in the 70s.

Scared is good. Gets the adreneline up and you try things, and might be surprised at the results! I've found independent shop owners to be as creative and open as artists, as a rule (there's always an exception), so approach them expecting to be treated well and you will be.