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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Scarlet Fever

Well, we've had scarlet fever here at our house for the past week! I didn't even know scarlet fever was still around, though I've heard tales from my parents of how dangerous it was when they were little. Turns out scarlet fever is a type of strep infection that causes fever and sore throat and a rash...thus the 'scarlet'.

So combine scarlet fever with Christmas and three kids at home from school and a husband (h.s. principal) also home from school, and you can imagine how hectic things have been around here.

I'm hoping to get back out in the studio today for a little while to play...


tammy vitale said...

wow - scarlet fever! aren't you glad they have stuff so it doesn't have to be so scarey anymore? Makes me glad I don't live in the "good ole days." We're (husband and I) both sick with something he brought home from work - he's on his way to better, I think I'm just coming into it - nevertheless we are having a productive day rearranging my office so it's all good, just the appetite is down (and that can't hurt too much for at least a month)(=])
Happy New Year! May everyone get better quick! (and you get lots of time in the garage).

Housewife said...

Ick! Glad you're better.

As an FYI I bought your collage very much on the sly thinking that hubby wouldn't really appreciate it. He came home and immediately picked it up and said, "where did this come from, it's great."

It's now hanging under the clock but over the fireplace and we enjoy the little guy so much. Your handiwork is part of what gives our home warmth.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

oh no!!!! isn't the danger that it can cause infection in the heart?
i am looking forward to things settling down myself!

tammy vitale said...

checking back through - hope everyone is recovering quickly.

lilsurfer44 said...

Ola Karen. It is Devon. Does Katie have a new blog or something?

By the way awesome blog i got to tell you. Much better than mine.

mcewen said...

Ooo you make me giggle. I never bothered to check what it was but I had scarlet fever as a child when we were in S. Africa - when I've mentioned it occasionally, it always sounded so exotic - they obviously didn't know what it was either. So do I get today's 'idiot' award?

And the flickery dickery thing is slightly hypnotic - or is that just me again?
Cheers dears.

Jana B said...

Wow!!!!! I had no idea scarlet fever was still around either... I remember my Grandma telling me that she'd had it as a child.

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!