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Monday, November 27, 2006

What a Day

I hate to whine, but I'm going to anyway. So no art this post, just complaints.

This morning in the studio everything just seemed to go flat. Nothing seemed to be working like I wanted it to and all of a sudden I felt very attached to PRODUCT. Looking back, I think this has been coming on for a few days--it was like a massive attack of grumpiness and dissatisfaction with myself.

I decided to completely change venue and headed down to town (though it did briefly cross my mind that I could just go up to the house and do some much-needed laundry and housework) . It's a twenty minute drive, so I try not to just head down the hill at the drop of a hat, but today I felt as though I needed a change. I went to Starbuck's and got a copy of the New York Times and then headed over to the little 'Japanese' restaurant to have lunch while I read the paper. It seemed to help some, and here I am back out in the studio for a few minutes before I go herd the kids off to bed.

As I came down the hill to the studio I could hear a loud noise. I thought maybe it was the wind blowing through the dry leaves, but the wind wasn't blowing that hard, and suddenly I realized: there was a broken pipe somewhere between the well and the studio--now the low water pressure in the house made sense. So I came into the studio and used the handy-dandy phone to call back up to the house so my poor husband can could come out in the cold to fix the broken pipe--and as I was calling, I realized that the studio was absolutely freezing, even though I left the heater on low this afternoon. Now I sit down at the computer, and I keep getting a message that there's an IP conflict with another computer on our network--but no message about how to fix it! It's just been one of those days.

BUT--the intercom-phone just rang, and it was Jenny's sweet little voice. She's tired and wants me to come back up to the house to put her to bed. So--someone wants me in a completely uncritical way. I guess that's going to be enough for tonight.


tammy vitale said...

No art needed. Life is its own art.

kat said...

ditto to what tammy said. everyone has these days. brighter ones are ahead. ((hugs))