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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Birthday!

Today I turned 43! It was a wonderful birthday, and to top it off, my husband went to town to pick up dinner--yay!

My most exciting present was a 6"x8" Wacom Graphire pen/tablet to use with my computer! So far, the kids have played with it more than I have, but my turn will come. I can't believe how much more control I have over it than I have over a mouse. We've all drawn with it, and it's amazing!

I did spend most of the day out in the studio with the heater up full blast. It warms up nicely down here, but gets cold overnight when the heater's off. I promised myself that one of the birthday gifts I would buy for myself (using the money my Dad gave me) is a set of business cards, so I've worked today on designing them. I'd love feedback on them, as this is a big deal for me!


Kat said...

awesome card!! and happy birthday!

tammy vitale said...

I think the card is excellent and here's why: the colors are unusual and will attract the eye and the lengthwise information on one side is also unique. So in addition to giving information, you are showing what you are capable of creatively - sure to be kept!

I'm late - but Happy Birthday!