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Monday, October 16, 2006

Cloudy Monday

Cloudy Monday, in more ways than one! As usual, I'm having a little trouble getting started this morning, or at least feeling like I'm getting started. I've actually done quite a lot--started a large canvas by pasting down lots of papers (dictionary pages, etc.)--I'm going to experiment with making the canvas a little bit more abstract and colorful--we'll see how it works out--

I've also put some transparent layers of color over a smaller canvas I had that didn't seem to be going anywhere, and glued and painted a couple of journal pages. If I prepare them ahead of time with clippings and paint, I can write on them whenever I want. Gel pens are the only things that really seem to work well over acrylics, so I'll need to dig those out--

This particular journal consists of spiral-bound manila envelopes. I started it three and a half years ago (!) in spring of 2003--just dug it out of a box and decided to work on it some more...

I keep lots of different types of journals--a scribbly "daily pages" one in a cheap spiral bound notebook, a more arty one in hand-bound journals that I make with decorative papers stitched on each page, and messy, completely art journals like the one on the manila envelopes. All of them are good places to make lists, try out new rubber (hand-carved or purchased) and doodle.

I'll close with a three-and-a-half year old quote from my journal,

"This kind of journalling is good for me. It's not about being perfect. I wish I'd have been able to do this when I was young--just to know that imperfect is okay, even good, would have made a big difference. No one would have ever said that to me. Sad."

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