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Monday, October 02, 2006

Another Monday

Shouldn't be a surprise, I know, but it's Monday and here I am, spinning my wheels in the studio. I've got the Dinah, the 55 pound puppy, in here with me since she was chasing the goats... Actually, the goats don't run, only she does, around and around them in circles, but it's not very relaxing to watch and probably not good for the (pregnant) goats, so here she is with me. Not tremendously conducive to work, as though anything would be on a Monday morning! So she's alternately whining and chasing her tail (kinda like what I'm doing, now that I think about it!).

The one bright spot of the day, quite ironically, is that it rained, hard, last night. First rain since we've had since April, and I love cloudy, rainy days. It's the first time I've had to turn the lights on in the studio (other than at night) since I moved in, and it's wonderful.

So off I go, to work and listen to the water drip off the roof. It is a good day, and I'll get back in the groove. It just takes time, and maybe another cuppa tea...

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