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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yesterday's art

I finally got to work yesterday--worked on three canvasses, mainly on backgrounds. One canvas ended up being completely covered up except for one little corner. It just wasn't working, even though I liked the individual elements and the bright pyrrole red of the paint.

I've been painting my kitchen cupboards white, so a lot of time has been spent scrubbing, sanding, priming and painting. Tedious work, and difficult, but so rewarding! The room looks so much brighter.

I've got some new ideas, but I think I'll have to get over disliking my handwriting to pull them off, as they require scribbling things all over the piece. Again, I guess it's just a matter of starting...

1 comment:

1/2 2KJ said...

The last two pieces you posted were great! Wonderful balance and composition. And despite being different in style, they each have a direct and compelling impact. I'll be back