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Monday, September 11, 2006

Substitute Teaching

This morning I subbed for a teacher at the school my kids attend--I was in the office and one of the maintenance people came in and asked if Mr. --- was there, as his students were all standing outside his door. Obviously, he wasn't, so I went over to the classroom to fill in until he arrived.

I had so much fun! I forget how I love being in a classroom, how much I love being with kids, how much I love just communicating the things I know, hoping to get the kids excited about the things that excite me. I was only in this eighth grade English class for half an hour, just long enough to get them started on the lesson plan (make corrections on one sentence, do a ten-minute free writing assignment (love that!), have them count how many words they wrote, and get started on the assignment of writing a paragraph describing a person--we were talking about powerful verbs and then the teacher arrived. Disappointing, even though I didn't want to stay all day long and I'm sure my eighth grader wouldn't have wanted me to sub for his class, too! Zoologist in Training was in that first period class--at least he didn't mind! Very fun morning.

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