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Friday, July 21, 2006

thunderstorms in the foothills

thunder and lightning last night started a fire in the hills to the west of us--when I turned out the lights for bed the sky glowed an eerie orange and illuminated the smoke creeping up into the darkness. i didn't sleep well, and so watched the fire's ebb and flow during the night, but there's no smoke this morning, so I'm sure Springville's wonderful firefighters put it out.

fires scare and fascinate at the same time--the hills absolutely crackle with dryness at this time of year, so it doesn't take much--sometimes just a spark--to set them ablaze. then the summer breezes, so welcome most of the time, carry the flames up and down hills at a terrifying speed. i'm hoping last night's fire did not damage any homes or livestock...

seem to have hit a brick wall as far as creativity goes--the little quilts were going so well and i was having so much fun that i thought "okay, let's go out to the studio and work with paint!" and BAM! nothing. i know i simply must get started, make an ATC or a paper doll, but just do something! after sunday my studio computer will be hooked up to the internet, and then i'll be able to blog and work on my web site while i'm in the studio if i so choose. hopefully it will make me more productive.

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