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Monday, July 31, 2006

beach trip

Well, it's been quite a week--a five-day trip to the coast with four kids, don't forget the prerequisite to any trip: a catastrophe at home (in this case, burnt up fuses and a broken breaker at the pump, thus no water for over twenty-four hours--and of course this happened on the weekend before we left--)

But--Yay! the trip was a blast and all the critters were still alive when we got home--we're up to four dogs, six cats, ten chickens, and five goats, and they were all waiting for us when we pulled in the driveway. Also good--we missed five whole days of heat wave in Central California, arriving home to 99 degrees (a far cry from the 115 degrees it was when we left.

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1/2 2KJ said...

So, who the heck is this Zoologist in Training? Is he or she related to The Animal Guy?

I may have seen them out on the road late at night, swinging a big snake on a stick and waving around flashlights? Is this some sort of weird ritual?

Wasn't it sad about the Crocodile Hunter guy dying?