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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Art and Soul at Asilomar

Finally feel ready to write about my wonderful trip to Monterey to attend the Art and Soul retreat in mid February.

For me, the whole trip was a hugely big deal--I haven't gone anywhere by myself since Joel was born, thirteen years ago! So, I rented a car, white and sporty, with a functional CD player (unlike my eleven-year-old minivan), and took off, map in hand, art supplies in the trunk, to go to the coast. Amazing how freeing it was to be on the way to an event that was just for me. I listened to Bach's Goldberg Variations and Barbra Streisand's Higher Ground, and only got twisted around once, when I was within three or four miles of Asilomar itself.

Arrived, checked in, and hung out for a while watching the Super Bowl on a static-y TV in the main lobby, but really, I just couldn't wait to get started! I finally met my roommate late in the evening, and got up early the next morning to head off to my first class with Nina Bagley...

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