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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My art

Hmmm. My art...

I am a mixed media artist, mainly collage with acrylics on canvas, watercolor paper, or fabric. I've been using fabric and stitching a lot in my work lately, as well as archival copies of antique photos and pages torn from books or newspapers. I incorporate words into almost all my pieces; I write everyday, in an art journal, a regular scribbly journal (morning pages a la Julia Cameron), and on the computer (that will either be a novel or a collection of short stories, not sure yet which).

The best part about creating? The sensation that "I" am nothing except a part of something far greater and more powerful--the complete lack of what Madeleine L'Engle calls "hubris." I am simply a conduit, when I can get out of the way... It's the same thing, I think, that small children do so effortlessly while they play--they are completely outside of themselves. I feel as though I lost that ability for a time as an adult, and now I've found it again.

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